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Halloween costume for Cat - Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend. She's
still got some kind of leather body harness to make and we have to dye
her pink hair red but I think she looks stunning - especially in her 24"
waist corset. I have to applique one more diamond to the skirt (they are hidden beneath her hand in this pic) and some diamonds on the leggings and the crop top she is wearing under her corset.
The leggings were from Primark (one black pair and one red pair). I had to unstitch them and stitch them together again so she had one red leg and one black leg.The skirt was originally white, again, it had to be unstitched and then we dyed it black and red using buckets of dye in my kitchen, then I stitched it back together again and replaced the white button with a black one.The crop tops were the same as the leggings, needed to be cut in half and joined together. I used spare material from half the black crop top to make the diamonds for the skirt.
Cat still has to buy some leather straps and metal hardware to make some sort of body harness that will sit around her chest and over her shoulders. She also has a leather collar that is bat shaped.
I will definitely get a picture of her all dressed up.
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WOW! That is so creative of you!!!

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You sure put in a lot of work. Looks great!